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Sedation Dentist

Woman smiling dental visitLori Anderson, DDS and her Anthem dental team work hard to ensure patients are comfortable in our practice from the moment they arrive, but we understand that some patients need a little extra help relaxing during treatment. For these patients, those who have difficulty numbing with local anesthesia alone, those with sensitive gag reflexes, or who need extensive treatment, your sedation dentist in Anthem may recommend our best form of sedation dentistry: oral conscious sedation.

Conquer Your Fear with Sedation Dentistry

As mentioned above, there are many patients that avoid visiting their dentist for a variety of reasons. However, the longer you avoid seeing your dentist, the more your smile will need professional assistance. Although it’s a known fact that your teeth and gums need professional care at least twice a year, many will avoid seeing their dentist for these reasons:

Whatever your reason, you can trust that our office will help you relax to receive the dental care that you need.

How Oral Conscious Sedation Works During Your Appointment

Dental chair dentist office visitAre you ready to break your cycle of dental phobia? Your local dentist offers oral conscious sedation for those who can’t receive the dental care their smile truly needs. Oral conscious sedation is a mild form of sedation dentistry that allows most patients to drift off into a gentle sleep while their appointment takes place.

By taking a pill at the time of your appointment, patients are able to completely relax and receive the dental care they need free from anxiety, fear, or anticipated pain. As the name suggests, patients do not completely lose consciousness, but many do drift off into a peaceful sleep. In most cases, patients report not remembering any of their appointment, but they are still able to respond to questions and communicate with the dentist when prompted.

 Because the sedatives take effect prior to treatment and can remain in patients’ systems up to 24 hours after treatment, a trusted friend or family member will need to drive patients to and from our practice and monitor their recovery. If you have questions about oral conscious sedation, sedation dentist Dr. Anderson and her team are happy to help. Contact us to find out more or schedule an appointment

Each patient under oral conscious sedation is just required to take a small amount of sedative orally and within an hour, you’re relaxed enough to allow your dentist in Anthem to work on your teeth. By the time your appointment is over, you’ll not only have cleaner, brighter teeth but you’ll also hardly remember sitting down in the dental chair!

Get the Dental Care Your Smile Needs Today

Woman smiling dentist dental visitThe bottom line is that everyone needs professional assistance taking care of their teeth if they want their smile to last through years or wear and tear. Anderson Dental is here to help you do that, even if you’re not completely ready to relax in the dental chair by yourself. With oral conscious sedation, you can rest peacefully while you receive:

When was your last local dental visit? Get in contact with us! We can create a positive dental experience from the moment you step into our office.